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Representative Loan Example: Borrow £200 for 28 days, Total amount payable is £250. Interest rate p.a. 2538% (default) Interest payable is £50. 2538% APR Representative**.

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Emergencies happen – it’s a fact. Bills can sneak up or get lost, pipes can leak and break, and cars can stop running. One emergency can be almost impossible to deal with, and when these things pile up it can seem like the world is ending. It doesn’t have to though. If you are short on cash and need it fast, a short term loan might be just the thing for you.

Pay cheques do not always come fast enough, but with a payday loan you won’t have to worry about that. Late fees on rent and credit cards can be astronomical. If you just don’t have the cash but you have the means to pay back a loan, a same day loan can help fill the gap between expenses and your pay cheque.

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Representative Loan Example: Borrow £200 for 28 days, Total amount payable is £250. Interest rate p.a. 2538% (default) Interest
payable is £50. 2538% APR Representative**.

These loans are fast!

Getting your hands on cash has just become a lot easier thanks to online loans and the ease in which they can be applied for and funded all online.

Instant decision!

I filled out the application form in what must have been minutes, I was approved and they even told me what time to expect it in my bank account!

It really is as simple as that

Payday loan eligibility is based on your ability to payback a small loan in a short period of time. A bad credit score or other banking history will not prevent you from getting an instant loan from some websites, however our database of lenders may perform some type of background check. The provision of a full-time job and a regular income, will however be a guiding factor.

Online loans are small loans. They are meant to be a stop-gap if unforeseen circumstances leave you in a financial lurch between wage-days. These loans are usually repaid at the end of the month or after a 31 day period.

We offer a fast and easy cash solution. If you fill out our short application and meet our easy requirements – it shouldn’t take you more than a minute – you will get approval confirmation and have your cash within 1-hour. There is no need to wait for the mail – cash loans online are deposited directly into your UK bank account.

With a loan with us, you will never have to stress about the little emergencies of life again. We help get rid of your short term financial worries so you can think about the important things in life.

What are you waiting for?

It can seem like bills just slip through the cracks and cars just fall apart. Emergencies like these can happen to anybody and sometimes they can cost just a little too much. With a payday loan, you don’t have to stress about the little things. We’ve got your back with a quick cash advance loan.

Don’t wait around with bills piling up. Let ShortTerm-Loans.org.uk help you.

Our instant loan service helps people get out of financial jams every day. It’s fast and easy to get cash right into your bank account. Don’t worry about dealing with a bank or standing in a long queue. Just get a loan from us and get on your way.

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